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Show your warm feelings with a flower arrangement.


Minature Roses


Miniature roses range in size from the micro-minis which grow to about five inches, up to a height four feet or more. The flowers are from 1/2 inch to two inches in diameter, and the range of colors is similar to that of full-sized roses. Most types will bloom from spring until frost. Unfortunately, miniature roses have little or no fragrance.


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5 Reasons that make us a leader in the Flower retail industry

1. We guarantee fresh flowers any time any day.

2. Flower arrangements are done by designers that are professionally trained

3. A unique store environment.

4. Friendly service and customer centered policies.

5.We deliver, on time, anywhere in Greater Toronto and/or surrounding areas..

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Flowers have a peaceful effect to the soul.  They are a colorful part of nature that posses the ability to strengthen day to day relationships.


Provincial Flowers

Expression Of Love

Tropical Beauty

Memories Of Paradise


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British Columbia = Pacific Dogwood

Manitoba = Prairie Crocus

New Brunswick = Purple Violet

Newfoundland  =  Pitcher Plant

Northwestern Territories =

Mountain Avens

Nova Scotia = Mayflower

Ontario = White Trillium

PEI = Lady's Slipper

Quebec = White Garden Lily

Saskatchewan = Prairie Lily

Yukon = Fireweed



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